The yearbook is a special, personal memento of your studies at the BUW.
All BUW students who have completed their studies are offered the opportunity to have their name and photo published in this yearbook. The bound yearbook naming the students who graduated during the two semesters of the academic year is then distributed at the beginning of the year, giving you a personal memento that you can also present to your family and friends.

What does the GRADUATE YEARBOOK contain?

The BUW yearbook is published once a year for “new” alumni. It contains articles about your graduating class, useful knowledge for the future and interesting contacts that may also be important after your studies.
All BUW students who complete their studies during the year are offered the opportunity to have their name and photo published in this yearbook.

The most essential information, of course, is your name.

How do I register?

It's easy!
You can register through the internet as soon as you have registered your dissertation with the examinations office. We will then send you an activation code with which you can log in to the website for the current yearbook.
After filling in the obligatory fields and giving your consent to the publication of this data, you and your personal information will be automatically listed in the yearbook once you successfully complete your studies.
So – make sure you register!

What information will be published?

The first step of the registration process asks for the information that will appear in the yearbook. This consists of your name, course, the topic of your final dissertation and a passport-sized photo. The second step requests additional information which we need to compare your data and dispatch your yearbook. This information will not be published and is marked accordingly.

When will I receive my personal GRADUATE YEARBOOK?

The current yearbook is sent to registered students free of charge at the beginning of each year. Additional copies are available for purchase.

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